Not all essential oils are created equal

Most people today are unaware of the extensive documentation of the use of essential oils and their ancient history. With the advancement of an industrial world the knowledge of natural therapeutic substances, especially essential oils, has been mostly lost to the general public but is making a resurgence through the power of social media and word of mouth personal experiences. A bit like mine..

Essential oils in their pure state are some of the most concentrated natural extracts known, exhibiting significant and immediate effects as well as having supporting, calming, sedating, uplifting, and positive emotion stimulating properties. Essential oils have been shown to have a profound influence on all body systems, helping to support them. The benefits of essential oils are numerous.

Today we find synthetic essential oil ingredients in soaps, cleaning agents, cosmetics, skin care, food, and flavouring. When the oils are extended and adulterated for commercial use, their therapeutic biochemical structure is destroyed.  On the other hand, the chemical structure of a pure essential oil can rapidly penetrate cell membranes, travel throughout the body, and enhance cellular function.  It is very clear that there is a powerful life force inherent in these substances, which gives them an unmatched ability to interact with cells in the human body. 

Many people believe that essential oils are Natures gift for mankind and will provide critical health solutions now and into the future.  Essential oils could very well be the missing link of modern health care, bringing allopathic and holistic practices together for optimal health in the twenty-first century.   

I decided long ago to get chemicals out of my home and body because of the research I did on the damage they can cause. I started making my own products including toothpaste, deodorant and cleaning products. I do admit that I was using cheaper alternative “Essential Oils” knowing about them but not really understanding the difference.  I was recently introduced to Young Living Essential Oils and started with mixing Frankincense to Barbary Coast Wild Indian Fig Seed Oil as a booster and love, love, love it.

It is also vital to look at food nutrition. It is very important to know where things come from and how they are farmed, grown and raised.  So many of our foods have been sprayed with very toxic chemicals creating many health problems years later (the silent epidemic). This also goes for essential oils and after researching for the best, most consistent and tested I came upon Young Living Essential Oils. They are the only company that have their own farms and the “Seed to Seal” promise! Young Living Essential Oils are pure, unadulterated and are manufactured for therapeutic use not just for smell! 

I had no idea that it was through this that I would also finally get what I needed to support my health as well!  I use the diffuser daily to keep my immune system strong!  I’ve learned that there really is an “oil for that”! I was sold and I want to share these amazing oils with everyone I know! Young Living Essential Oils for me were a natural choice and the best choice for me to help support my body system. These oils are 100% pure and therapeutic, which means not only do you inhale it, you can also apply directly on your skin AND Vitality Essential Oils can be taken internally.

Resolve to take your skin and body health in your own hands and be proactive not reactive. The Oils in the Premium Starter kit are 10 of the most popular oils Young Living has. They include Lemon, Peppermint, Copaiba, Thieves, Lavender, R. C., Frankincense, Pan Away, Purification, and DiGize. 

They can transform your life and a great way to start having a chemical free home!  The kit also comes with a diffuser which is an awesome way to try the oils out and make the house smell great!!

PLEASE NOTE: Not all oils and brands are created equal!  Most are cheaper than Young Living but you can NOT ingest them!  Please keep this in mind!!